Sufficient Stress Management Activities for College Students

Life as a college student can be overwhelming, especially if you have to juggle between classes, exams, and sometimes part-time jobs. The pressure to have good grades, graduate when due, and at the same time have a balanced social life has made many students fail to perform up to expectations. In this article, we shall look at college stress management and some stress relief activities for college students.

How does stress impact college students?

Several college stress statistics show the detrimental effect of inadequate stress relief activities on student life. Performing woefully in exams tops the list. Many college students have to contend with truckloads of academic assignments and syllabi. Aside from the mandatory extracurricular activities, they also take up a considerable chunk of their time.

Fatigue sets in eventually, which has a negative effect on their examination outcome. Another setback is the effect of stress on mental health, which can lead to a deterioration in overall well-being.

How to deal with college stress

Here are some time-tested stress relief activities for college students.

  1. Embrace counseling sessions

Talking to someone about what you’re going through in school should be one of the go-to activities of all students. It makes you feel less burdened and aware that you’re not alone in your challenges. Almost all schools have professional counselors that are experts in listening to your stressful stay in college. They’ll also help you propose sustainable solutions while at it. If you feel you’re experiencing suboptimal mental health due to your school activities, you can take it up a notch and visit a mental health expert who will nurture you back to full mental strength.

  1. Engage in sports and exercise

Exercise helps release happy hormones like endorphins, which in turn will relieve you of accumulated stress. It is best to make it a regular endeavor, and since you’re in college, you can form or join a morning exercise group to stay motivated. You can also participate in various college sports activities like soccer, basketball, swimming, and so on.

There are some free stress management apps for students on which you can meet colleagues from other institutions. These apps allow you to interact, play games, and engage in various activities with other students. These activities can help you upgrade your CV and relieve stress simultaneously.

  1. Listen to your favorite music.

One good thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain. These are the words of the music legend Bob Marley and stand true to date. Several college student stress statistics show that listening to music is one of the favorite activities people engage in when stressed.

Its therapeutic effect cannot be overemphasized. It improves sleep, calms the mind, and relieves anxiety. Hence, making a good playlist of your favorite songs according to mood can go a long way in stress management.

  1. Try breathing techniques

Breathing exercises can give you instant stress relief and improve your overall health. An example is the 4-6-8 breathing technique. This exercise involves inhaling deeply for about 4 seconds. After that, hold your breath for about 6 seconds, then exhale completely for about 8 seconds. This technique can help you sleep better and stay focused during strenuous activities.

  1. Art therapy

Art comes in many forms. It can be writing, dancing, or drawing. Engaging in any of these activities can help you relieve stress effortlessly. You do not need to write or draw something meaningful. Just be yourself, and let all your accumulated stress out by expressing yourself with art.


Learning how to not stress about college is a multidimensional endeavor. Besides, the same coping strategy might only work for some. Hence, embrace one or more of these strategies depending on your school’s type and stress level. College is a time to learn, relearn, and unlearn many things about life. However, you must remember to care for yourself and make the experience worthwhile.

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