Academic Challenges in College Students Usually Face

Are you in college? Are you about to enroll in college? If so, then there are some academic challenges faced in college that you have to know about. If you are in college already, then you might have met some of them already. The challenges are a lot, but some stand out due to their effect on most students. Today we shall look at those issues that stand out amongst most students. Hence if you wish to know more about this topic, follow along and let us venture right into it.

Examples of academic challenges in college

  1. Understanding content

Grasping content in college is ways more challenging than in high school. I mean, students require to work almost twice as much as they did in high school from freshman year. As the days move on, content keeps on getting harder to understand. Hence focusing is vital. Most students tend to slug a little, which breeds failure, and we do not want that at all.

You have to understand that whatever you learn in your freshman year will be carried along to the coming years. Hence you require to understand that content if you wish to understand the forthcoming concepts easily. Also, if you are about to enroll, then be prepared to study.

  1. Balancing student study time

The recommended average study time for college students is two hours for each one hour spent learning in class. If you multiply that by fifteen credit courses, you get 45 hours per week dedicated solely to studying.

For students who love to travel, party, and go clubbing, this is almost impossible. Hence students end up messing things up and not understanding most of what is being taught.

However, if you wish to overcome this, we recommend you try out a planner and calendar. There are multiple applications that help you plan out your day and create schedules. With such assistance, you can cater to every subject and have some time left to travel and party.

  1. Lack of motivation

Motivation to accomplish anything is critical to actually achieving it. Hence if you lack that motivation, then you probably will not achieve your goals.

Many students do not have any motivation in college. They do not set goals to achieve, nor do they view the future after college. Without this motivation, they lack the drive required to achieve first-class honors.

If you wish not to fall victim to this terrible challenge, then start setting goals. Try to achieve this goal and see the difference in your academic achievement. A little motivation can take you places.

  1. Basic skill needed

For some courses, students must be good at some essential components. For example, if taking an engineering course, then mathematics will probably be a requirement. For those students who wish to undertake such a course with lower math skills, that becomes a challenge to them. They might even require to find a tutor to coach them in this specific area.

If you are struggling with any essential course requirement, then here are some tips for you:

  • Try out, online tutors.
  • Try hiring a personal tutor; it might be a little bit expensive but worth it.
  • Study hard on the specific area


Challenges you face in college are probably faced by most other students. So never be shy to talk about these issues. We hope that this article has helped you identify the challenge that you are most likely facing or going to face.

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