The Bridgeburg District BIA is very proud to congratulate Marc, Shannon, and Noel from our very own Bell Tower Communty Centre on being recognised last month as the Fort Erie Times volunteers of the year!

We are so thankful to have such amazing people helping to improve both the district, the community, and Fort Erie in general. 

Check out the original article (transcribed and directly from print) below:

Bell Tower volunteers recognised
Thursday June 22, 2017
Kris Dube / Special to the Times

Marc Poisson, Shannon Unrau Tower Community Centre are of the year.

The people behind the Bell Tower Community Centre have been welcomed with open arms since the local venue was established about a year ago.

Operated by Marc Poisson and Noel LaBoeuf, the facility hosts several community events, offers a fully-licensed bar and space to various groups, but has also raised thousands of dollars for local causes.

This is why LaBoeuf and Poisson are being recognized by the Fort Erie Times as volunteers of the year.

Although both are the faces of the arts and community centre, they attribute a lot of the success so far to the many other people who offer their time before, during and after events.

"We have a team of supporters that are incredible," said Poisson in a recent interview.

A breast cancer walk on Mother's Day brought in almost $1,000, a 'Kinky Carnival' raised $1,000 and more than 600 items for Community Outreach Program Erie, as well as $300 for a mental health cause.

"This town has welcomed us amazingly and all of these things were able to happen because of the support of the community," said Poisson.

LaBoeuf lives by the adage of what goes around, comes around - saying they must play a role in the community in order to be embraced and supported by Fort Erie, especially just setting up less than a year ago.

"If we want people to come out to our events -we have to do something for our community," said LaBoeuf. The Bell Tower also hosts an artist discovery mentorship program, which will have two installments per year. Poisson and LaBoeuf both say they want to thank the many people who volunteer their time at the Bell Tower - one of them being Shannon Unrau, who says she helps because she believes in the causes the facility supports. "I feel strongly about helping my friends and I enjoy planning things. When my goal is to raise as much money as I can it's a good starting point," she said. For more information, visit