The executive members of the Bridgeburg Business Improvement Area Association were in full attendance along with many much appreciated volunteers to pick, pull, pluck and sweep whatever detracted from the natural beauty of our magnificent downtown. The business of cleanup was underway promptly at 9:00am and continued until the job was complete. Jarvis Street is prepped and ready to shine for business on Monday morning. The Earth Day Cleanup volunteer event is the B.I.A.'s way of participating on Earth Day and promoting an attitude that stimulates regular cleanup. When our streets, sidewalks and business entrances are clean and clear of debris it tells consumers that we are interested in servicing them to the best of our ability, that they are welcome and we have prepared. It also tells investors we are actively looking out for our own and each other's best interests by working together to present a business district worthy of investment and patronage. It's yet another "little thing" that works along with other campaigns that in combination have helped the district to re-grow. More and more business owners are making contact and working with their B.I.A. Association with a view to help protect their investment by sharing their observations and ideas so that targeted programs can continue to be created to further stimulate the revitalization effort. The Earth Day Cleanup is a conspicuous event and the few drivers who happened to visit Jarvis Street early this Sunday morning drove slowly and watched the volunteers with obvious approval and maybe even a little excitement. Some stopped and shared some kind words. The B.I.A. Association is looking forward to seeing even more business and property owners participating next year. Until then it is hoped that we all do our best to keep our downtown as clean and safe as the volunteers left it today. Thank you to everyone who participated! Bridgeburg B.I.A. Chair, July Brady had this to say, "It was so great for Pro Lawn and the Youth Advisory committee to reach out to us, and spend the day on Jarvis Street volunteering their time. Also, we couldn't have done it without the help of Sierra, Willem, Izzy and Mia! Great job everyone, the street looks fantastic!".

The B.I.A. board of directors was represented by Chair, Julie Brady (Regional Limousine) and family, Vice-Chair, Katie Miller (Sun Life Financial) and family, Treasurer, Mike Daigle (Fate Salon & Spa, Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe), Secretary, Stephen Passero, and Director, Gail Spear (The Old Town Treasury). Mike doesn't appear in photos because he's the one behind the camera. Gail and Jack repaired and re-affixed the Bridgeburg Station sign that was damaged in a wind storm last year. Special thanks to Brian McCooey (McCooey's Bicycle and Vacuum), Susan Jovanovic and family, Bob and Savannah Brown, David Faber, Dana Feiertag, Andrew Miller (Pro Lawn Landscaping) and son, Shanna Ingram and Mayor Redekop's Youth Advisory Committee.