2015 was an amazing year for Bridgeburg Historic District that saw new entrepreneurs opening their doors and new public events that put Bridgeburg back on the map for consumers and fun-seekers alike. 2015 also marked the commencement of major projects such as the replacement of the Central Avenue bridge over the railway and a private investment by Vince Salvatori expanding his Fate Salon to support the inclusion of Atrium Spa to create a single location providing top-caliber salon and spa service (pictured above). Many building owners have taken advantage of funding available through the Town's façade improvement program. The B.I.A. Association has invested aggressively in branding, promotion, street furniture, planters and garbage receptacles and has hosted several successful public events that will be hosted annually most notably the Taste of Fort Erie event that rocked Bridgeburg for a full day satisfying the appetite for food, entertainment and vendors for thousands of visitors.

The historic business district is buzzing with activity and there is no denying a rejuvenation is taking place. The business owners are doing what they can to help themselves and each other to see this revitalization complete. It's wonderful to observe a business owner picking up litter in front of someone else's storefront on their morning stroll. It's a similar thrill seeing a business owner weilding a paint brush to spruce up their storefront. There appears to be a renewed sense of pride and responsibility - and it shows.

Bella Cakes from Niagara Falls opened a new location at 102 Jarvis Street offering indoor and outdoor seating at this charming café & bakery. The newly renovated Sub Culture at 95 Jarvis Street opens soon. Venus Jewelers relocated from 14 Jarvis Street to 23 Jarvis Street. On The Mat yoga studio is expanding and will be relocating from 216 Jarvis Street to 96 Jarvis Street this Spring. 96 Jarvis Street is presently occupied by Fate Salon as construction completes at their 31 Jarvis Street location where the family business opened in 1969. Fate Salon and On The Mat yoga studio are ringing in the New Year with celebration of their success and expansion. Another expansion is expected to be announced soon. There's no doubt about it. Bridgeburg means business.

What to expect in 2016? Business owners and consumers should be completely satisfied with the response, "more of the same". We will see more new streetscaping elements, more façade improvements and more strategic investment by the B.I.A. Association. We will also continue to enjoy the annual Bunny Hop (Easter) and Halloween events. It's no surprise many are looking forward to another chance to attend the annual Taste of Fort Erie event. Mark September 17 on your calendar right now and be sure to invite family and friends for a full day of family fun. The premier event could only be measured by 10th year success rates. Now that's community support! Who can wait to see what's in store for this year?

Fort Erie's old downtown is showing its age less with each passing day. If not for the Niagara River and the lay of the land you might not even recognize it. Tenancy or ownership in Bridgeburg used to be a matter of inexpensive spaces. Today, Bridgeburg is becoming a part of a business' location equation. Bridgeburg is not just on the route to other popular destinations but is now becoming a destination in its own right. The historic charm, broad sidewalks and riverside location combine to make the district attractive as a signature shopping center. With fewer vacancies remaining and the Town of Fort Erie working to streamline the process for new business along with continuing to offer the façade improvement program now is the perfect time for investors to have a look around and see the remarkable potential. If you have been thinking about locating your new business or relocating your existing business you might consider a visit to Bridgeburg Historic District. Potential investors and current members can always reach us by email at info@bridgeburgdistrict.com.